I applied for a junior role, they offered me a mid-level BA role and pay package

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Please I would like to remain anonymous.

Good Evening Keji, I would like to personally thank God and you (Keji) for this Ework experience platform.

I had an interview with a consultancy firm in central London on the 30th of Jan 2018, the irony is I applied for a junior BA role, did so well in the interview they said your more of a mid level BA, so here’s a mid level BA offer of 44k per year + benefits which comes up to 47k per year.
I was so happy.

I joined in 2015 November, the first project that I touched was transcend which unfortunately was halted but I still kept my head up and then joined BOT FAQ, whereby we had to manage change on an almost continuous basis before settling on using telegram for the BOT. Throughout this project and others such as the basecamp 3 api project where I really got to hone my wireframing skills which has stuck with me till this day.
The digital transformation that ework has undergone using api is what really helped me to standout in the interview and the fact that I have also worked on GDPR they found quite interesting as they are also implementing that for some of their clients.
Something that I found in the interview that they did emphasise on was requirement gathering which I was able to explain clearly and give examples as it’s something that we do here at DBT and you have drummed it into us by putting us on the spot in meetings that really helped me because now it is part and parcel of my skill set.

I just want to say, please please please, anyone and everyone that is here on the platform, don’t take this place as a school…you are at work, see this place as your job, although you have a job outside of the platform, it is this platform that will secure you with the career that you want.

All in all everyone that is here on the platform remember where you want to be, set personal milestones to guide your own path towards being the kind of BA that goes for a job and they offer you more due to your level of experience and expertise.

To God be the glory!


I want to thank Keji, Ola Ememerah, Doye Biyu, Harry Boje, Augusta Marioghae, Helen Willliams, Dipo Thani, Modupe yusuf, calistus, George Kumah, Oludare Olorunfemi.

Anyone that I may have forget please forgive me. God hasn’t forgotten you.

Hard-work does pay!

Hi Keji, I’ve just been offered a role as a BA and the company may get in contact with you asking for a reference at some point! I just wanted to let you know. Thank you

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