I just secured PMO role thats almost double my previous pay with international travel plus bonuses

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Hello Keji, good afternoon and how are you! I got a PMO role with an international company in London and my role is to set up their PMO starting with UK, then Canada, USA and China. This is big for me but I am happy to have secured this role.
I was the project planner for Eagle Eye and assistant project manager for IM APP.
This position is my second position which was cut short after 6 months as they felt that I have set up their PMO office and they can save money by recruiting a junior pmo for the role.
I applied for so long and it felt quiet. During my quiet period, I came back online, listening to meetings and trainings just to equip myself. Watching videos again. In January 2018 it felt like my CV has just been noticed. I got a call from the company directly and my manager who is Canada based is anxious to see me. I went for the interview and 2 days later I was given a conditional offer with a pay almost double my previous pay including bonus and international travels.

Keji, thank you so much for not giving up on us, I will advise any one on this platform not to give up on themselves.
During my time at DBT, I was also writing my dissertation for my Bsc then. The pressure was much but it is so worth it. God bless you Keji for giving me a reference for this role. Thank you!!

I really want to appreciate Oludare Olorunfemi for his overwhelming support during the time. I can never forget my Eagle Eye team and IM App crew. I say a massive thank you to them all

I cannot rule God out in this matter Keji because he just helped me all the way. Truly am greatful. I joined DBT in July 2016

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