“I have Been Given Offers for Opportunities 3 Times All Good Pay and Learning Opportunities”

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“Hi Keji, i have had many opportunities to drop more success stories. Hi XXXX, complements of the new month.
Firstly i want to apologize for not completing my mentorship program with you and for not responding all the numerous times you tried to reach me. Truth is while i discussed with you about the first BA opening i had, it has been an avalanche of success stories for me and i have no other way to comprehend but alas i always put you in prayers and advice anyone who needs a mentor to go through you. XXXXX is my friend, i can tell you he is a better person now after all you did for him.
I currently work in FinTech and it has been harsh but amazing. All projects i participated in during my dbt days come to life and more responsibilities are handed to me everyday to accomplish and i get excited because most of which i just transfer knowledge.
This year alone, i have been given offers for opportunities 3 times all good pay and learning opportunities. I just want to say thank you once again for all you did for me in our short time. I will get on the platform soon again to inspire people to do and continue in the DBT spirit.”

A word of Advise from our Founder & CEO, Keji Giwa

The joy of my life for the last 10 years has been the privilege ability to share the success stories of thousands of people through our revolutionary eWorkexperience platform.

We knew training and certifications alone were not enough to compete in today’s digital age. We knew that getting your hands dirty with the opportunity to gain practical work experience working on live innovative and disruptive digital initiative was key to gaining a competitive advantage in today’s job market and we integrated the right industry standard tools with worker enablement anytime any where giving thousands of aspiring digital experts the opportunity to build new careers and thrive in today’s digital economy.

Today we share at least 2–3 success stories daily.

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