I just secured a QA/Software Tester role with a software solutions Company

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All the glory be to God, thank you DBT/ Career insight, this platform works. I just secured a QA/ Software Tester role with a Software Solutions Company. I joined DBT in March 2018, I called the admin office and spoke to Keji, he introduced himself as the owner of the business and so I used the opportunity to ask questions about work experience and he mentioned that if I am prepared to work hard and get my hands dirty that I could land a job between 3 to 6 month. Fast forward I joined 3 projects initially, Digital Landlord, Digital Talents and Digital Academy but quickly decided to focus on CIP Digital Talents due to my availability and the clashes of project meetings. I gained all the relevant experience working on tasks and deliverables on the project because they needed people to complete tasks on the project at that time. I would like to specially thank the Adedayo — Lead BA, Linda — Digital BA, Eva — Test Analyst and all members of the Mang team for their help and support throughout this journey. When I was given tasks I would stay up to read up and watch videos on basecamp sometimes till 2:30am and still have to go out the next morning but it paid off. I also took on board the feedbacks I got from Shola, Abi and Micheal during our presentations to the QA Dept at the road show meetings; thanks guys. I started to apply for jobs about a month ago after the successful completion of the eworkexperience 4.0 projects. Recently, I was invited to a face to face interview after a successful phone interview. During the interview I was asked lots of questions and I completed a presentation were I shared my knowledge of Test Cases, Test Plans and others. Also my knowledge of HCI / UX was tested. At the end they were so impressed and offered me the job that day and decided to me more than want I asked for.

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