I just secured my 2nd role with the business intelligence team at the NHS

my career insights success story

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Hi Keji,XXXXX here again. Thanks for taking my call earlier. Please find my story below. I respectfully ask that I be made annonymous on this occassion please

Hi Keji

This is XXXXXX (formerly XXXXXXXXX), an Alumni and previous success story candidate, active on Base camp 2. February 2014 – February 2015.

Please could I ask all reference to my name be omitted on this ocassoon, for security purposes.

I have secured a further role with the NHS as a. Business Analyst with a BI Team, and would appreciate another reference from you.

It’s a continuous success story.

My previous role was a success story on the platform over 2 years ago, which kept me rather busy indeed! I returned to the platform nearing the end of my. 2 year contract last February, paid my subscription and gradually worked my way through, whilst applying for roles and before long. Got a new role in BI, as a Business Analyst.

My evidential work is found in Base camp 2 under my previous name of Safi Olomu. The involvement in projects and getting the hannds dirty frm the onset is a must. I started out testing the “here’s my card app” and the rest is history and can be viewed on basecamp 2.

Please expect the reference request in my new name,(Though they may make mention of my previous surname too)


Thank you once again

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