I literally just TRIPLED my salary. Thanks to my invaluable experience with Career Insights

my career insights success story

Now this is the kind of story we all get down on our knees and pray for every time, it’s double-double. We are super thrilled to be a part of this success story.

These guys don’t come with two brains, they have one brain just like you. The only difference is the knowledge and experience they have that you don’t have yet.

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Hello Keji,

This is me again with another success story. I joined DBT in February 2015 and secured my first role in April 2017 with the NHS.

I have just secured another Project Support Role still within the NHS with times 2 of my previous package and closer home.

They will be contacting you for reference and this is to inform you ahead.

Massive thanks to DBT for the invaluable experience. It’s been an awesome career progression for me and I am still counting!

God bless you Keji and the entire DBT family. My advise to everyone is to rest assured that their story is closer than they think. Hard work pays off! I will keep blowing the trumpet that DBT truly ROCKS!!!📣📣📣

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Our candidates reward us for making a success story out of them


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