I was made redundant and then I found Career Insights

my career insights success story

Hi Keji — I just want to share with you my story since joining DBT in the summer of 2015.

After being made redundant from a company that I had been in for many years, I then spent the next few years doing a number of small Business Administration temp jobs that didn’t provide enough stimulation, job satisfaction or remuneration. When I heard about it, I jumped at the chance to do training with Career Insights. Although I already had my PRINCE2 Practitioner certification I had not had a chance to do much with it, so the training was invaluable.

I enjoyed the on-site classroom training and found both Keji and Ayo Nunu to be entertaining, very passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. The most important aspect of this for me was that I saw how it should work in the REAL world as opposed to just how it works in theory. I built on this foundation and cemented my knowledge and experience over the next 8 months by working on the Transcend project. Victoria Ogundare was PMO Lead at the time and encouraged me to get involved and “get my hands dirty” which I did. I worked with Victoria, Abiodun Rabiu, Cfine Onukogwu and other stellar project members. When Victoria needed to take a step back from the project, I was pleased to be asked to become the PMO Lead which I did until the project was halted and the holiday season came around. I took minutes, assigned tasks, wrote and reviewed reports, facilitated meetings, edited process documents — this list of activities cemented my experience and gave me the courage to apply for similar jobs.

I went on to apply for both permanent and contract roles as a Project Coordinator which I would not have had the ability to do without the professional training and getting my hands dirty. This was not a swift process but it can definitely be achieved if one is prepared to put the work in. In my most recent contract, within a month of being there I was promoted and my rate increased substantially to a point where I was earning up to triple what I had in previous roles.

I really want to say a huge thank you to Keji and the team for providing the platform that made it possible for me.

Kind Regards


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