If She Can Do It, So Can You


Words of advice from a successful candidate turned mentor and trainer here at Career Insights:

———————————————Thank you everyone, this structure works. You have to work hard, be an active learner and know your stuff. Be ahead of the trend. At Skills Funding agency I worked hard, I was the go to person. I covered 3 months as a delivery manager, 2 months user researcher, proxy product manager and tester. When the Capgemini call came I wasn’t to keen missed the first telephone interview, and I thought that was it. They still called to arrange another one, everything just well. Telephone interview on Monday, face to face and offer on Friday. “Study to show yourself approved”

Just before she wrote that, this is what she sent me:

“I have been offered a Digital Business Analyst role by Capgemini on a HM Revenue & Customs project. I’m completing the vetting and on boarding process, so they will contact you for a reference.”


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