If You Want It. You Will Find A Way. This Candidate Did


Success becomes a reality when you start working it and not just working on it.

Never despise the days of small beginnings.

What does this mean?

Our most recent success story shared this with me:

“That is part of my story,Keji. You may not remember me but I once contacted you to request for instalmental payments via Facebook Messenger in 2015 and somehow that didnt work out. I was out of work and couldnt afford the programme cost but I knew my hope was in getting on the programme so I asked a friend to take out a loan for me(cos my credit rating was so poor no one would give me one). The loan barely covered the cost of my transport and the cost of the program. Once that was paid I couldnt afford the cost of a mentor or the ework platform with a wife and four kids to support and so just had to get on with learning and getting my success story. Sorry for the long story but I had to explain why I am not able to post my story on the ework platform”

He could not afford our eWorkexperience platform when it launched however he still stayed within our ecosystem. He was at a disadvantage compared to most of our newbies but that didn’t stop him.

He continued:

“Truth be told Keji,you have one of the best teams on the planet. Everyone is so willing to help and support each other. May God continue to bless ur hustle. With this job in hand I can now get myself unto the ework platform.

Even though I had a go at Ola for helping him out without a subscription. I commend her selflessness but do not expect this to be the norm”

You don’t wait for success to come your way before you become successful, you build yourself daily and add value to others to demonstrate that which you have acquired which amounts to the big successes in life.

The small wins make up the big wins.

Money chases after the success of successful people and never the other way round.

You have to become successful first before money can chase you.

So stop chasing the money and focus on being successful at what you do.

Add value to others as a result of the little wins from your success.

Never despise the days of little beginnings.

Keep those success stories rolling in by achieving something daily on Basecamp and adding value.

Our 3,000+ strong ecosystem is s unnatural and it bridges the gap between gaining a higher education and employment through our eWorkexperience platform.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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