Incredible Success Stories in GDPR yet again

We only started the GDPR eWorkexperience program about 3 months ago and since then our candidates have been securing GDPR PM / BA / Consultant roles.

It all down to getting your hands dirty working on live innovative projects, learning and applying how GDPR applies within a program portfolio to help the business achieve their digital transformation business objectives.

Be truly inspired by these success stories:

Hi Keji, I just wanted to let you know that my second success story has landed. I just secured a GDPR Consultant role with a charity (yes, you read well, a CONSULTANT role 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺). To God be all the glory! For some time, I had been wondering what this charity had been doing about GDPR. Then I started asking questions. I eventually found out who the contact person was. I didn’t move immediately but when I read Joyce’s success story about contacting her ex-client, it challenged me and I made the move. It was as if the job was waiting for me. I got the role immediately. No interview! Just a short chat.
I just want to thank you Keji, for this wonderful platform. DBT works!!! God bless and reward you for the seed you have sown with this platform. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 I also want to say thanks and well done to the leadership team, without which, this platform would not be successful. Adore, Caroline Aluko, Femi, Ola, Oludare, Caroline Nnadi, Sandra, George, Victor, Karo, everyone in the Programme Office and the Business Strategy Dept. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
I want to encourage those of us that are still waiting for our success stories. This is our season and your success stories will surely come. One tip I want to give here is that you should approach small businesses, medium businesses, charities, churches and offer your services. You never know, your success story might be tied to one of these places. Don’t be afraid. Remember, we are solution providers, as Keji says. So go out there and offer solutions.

I would like to remain anonymous, I have these few words to say. Quick word of encouragement to all that are working hard and participating in work at Digital Bananas, you are on the right track. This is long ago (2012) but I still believe is the case where you are exposed to platforms, applications and technologies that are very relevant in today’s market place. It’s no secret, put in the effort, be consistent and you will land the job you so desire God willing.
My experience and effort from Digital Bananas was the foundation for my roles with IBM, Lloyds, RBS and so on. IT is possible if you so desire and work with what you have at Digital Bananas

Morning Boss

God in his infinite favours has done it for me. I have been given a GDPR Business Analyst role.

I am so elated, grateful, and humble. I give baba God all the glory. And would like to say a big thank you to everyone on this wonderful platform, my special thanks to You mr Keji Giwa, Adore, Caroline, Oludare (Olu D), Femi and my brother from another mother Harry Boje and sisters Grace O, Abi Abudu and Josephine B. Not forgetting George, Mouktar, Kenneth, Doyle Biu, Olamide, Josiah, Martin, Victor, Johnston, Iyabo and list goes on…. Please pardon me if I haven’t mentioned your name the list of beautiful minds are just are so much.

Always wait in faith and trust God, for God will certainly answer your prayers soon. 🙏🏾

Be truly inspired with over 4,000 success stories to date

What everyone is saying

This literally just came in as I was posting the previous success stories

Hi Keji,
Kindly keep me anonymous on social media – WhatsApp, Facebook etc
I have gone through a 2 stage interview out of 31 applicants, to secure a Project Coordinator role with City and Guilds Group.

Being a Project planner on DX – ESP and a part of the programme office has really enhance my skills and knowledge. I hope to remain on the platform to learn more and build my confidence to achieve my goal (senior PM role)..

I would like to thank my ESP family – can’t mention all the names, thanks to Chris Jatto, Aramide Sesan for the tips and shaed resources and Esther Okpala for the mentoring. Special thanks goes to The Boss lady Caroline Nnadi, your words of encouragement keeps me going, the coaching, mentoring, interview preps, thanks for your time, you’re a star.

And thanks Keji for the platform, as Keji do say, congratulate those that share their success stories, also message them privately for tips (not all of them though and understand their busy schedule if you don’t get a response), it works well for me….

Also apply for a role you feel comfortable doing and work your way up…. Don’t over promise and underdeliver.


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