Introducing Our New Collaborative Tool For Project Management


So you want to be a project manager, PMO analyst, business analyst, QA manager or project support officer earning up to £11,000 a month but you have no prior work experience.

You are amazed at how people you know are doing it yet they refuse to tell you their secret.

You probably think it’s impossible for you, however my dear friend, that’s just you state of mind. Change it!

It’s no secret really, you just need to take your time to gain the knowledge required (you can do this on your own if you are motivated enough to do so or come to us), find an environment to apply the knowledge gained and gain enough practical work experience in order to become an expert (you certainly have to come to us to gain that).

This Saturday we will be hosting 250 candidates of the 330 candidates who secured PM and BA jobs this year. We literally can’t host everyone as the capacity at the Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf only takes a maximum of 250 people for health and safety reasons. (

That aside, we are pretty excited about our new collaborative tool. It’s pretty cool, and extremely intuitive. We use it to manage our portfolio of programmes and projects.

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It’s certainly the next best thing since slice bread for us and we are currently working on a new project where we need to migrate our 2,700+ ecosystem from the legacy system to newly proposed tool which we acquired last week Friday.

Now we can really keep a track on a candidate’s progress as they gain practical work experience, protect our clients by having two separate communication tools and dashboards, meaning the client sees progress, while candidates see chaos until they perfect their skills learning on the job.

The best part is we can easily collaborate between the dev team in Ukraine, creative and design team in Portugal, digital team in Nigeria, our business strategy team and programme office team in the UK.

Tracking completed and uncompleted to do’s are so much easier and it comes with a pretty cool instant messaging tool not to talk of the highly informative and easy to understand reporting tools.

Gaining practical work experience in project management and business analysis has never been easier and this is the best time to join our vibrant and exciting team.

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