Introducing Project Transcend – Changing the world’s mind-set on Africa and Nigeria in particular

This is one project you cannot afford to miss out on!Career Insights has teamed up with Lola Odujinrin (aka The Fall Guy). A Nigerian adventurer, aerobatic stuntman, racer and airline pilot with a background in Aerospace Engineering who has been flying aircrafts since 1999.

He will be taking on a daring expedition to be the first African to circumnavigate the world solo in a single engine aircraft.

What makes this project unique is that it will be the first of its kind originating from Africa after more than 148 successful completions from America, Australia and Europe since 1929.

20141005_064852Lola recently completed the hardest segment of the expedition as he flew a light aircraft from Montana, USA to Ilorin, Nigeria across the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara Desert which amounts to 30% of the scheduled route.

This is a project we are extremely proud to be a part of and our parent company, Digital Bananas Technology has been tasked with the responsibility of managing the project’s web and mobile presence using social media, native apps on IOS and android and their website which will showcase the entire journey in real time.

We want you all to be a part of this great adventure which is our (including you) pride and joy.

Three things we need right now!

Like & share – Be proud and let the world know.

20140830_184412Thirdly we need loads of ideas! Let’s do this together. Add your comments and ideas on how best to showcase this event to the world.

For your chance to win a FREE 5 Day Holiday to Dubai, tell us what you think. The best idea on how to get everyone involved and connect live to Lola while in the air wins!

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