Why It Pays To Be A Part Of The Career Insights Family


Meet Otillia, one of best performing candidates turn project manager, turn mentor and now trainer.

She joined us early Jan 2014, 8 weeks later she secured a PM role with Queens Mary university, 3 months later she started mentoring and training existing candidates.

We pay up to £400 a day to train and mentor our candidates and you can one day join our promising team.

Empowering our candidates to empower others is something we are pretty good at doing here.

It’s hands on and practical with the reputation to lift you up from mediocre to exceedingly exceptional.

Trainers train but leaders & mentors empower and create leaders in their field.

Who would you rather be trained by, a trainer or a leader and mentor in their field.

Iron sharpens iron. It’s not exactly rocket science but to create a rocket you have to understand the science, making rocket science much much easier to understand.

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