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“Hi Keji, here is my success story from a Nigerian/French young man
 Coming from a pharmaceutical background, I Joined Digital Bananas Technology (DBT) on 25th June 2016. Yes, that’s right, I still remember the exact date. I immediately went on to join my first project called Dispatcher. I contacted a lovely woman by the name of Chilli where she advised me to contact Caroline for BA tasks in regard to the Dispatcher mobile app. During the project, I meet up with great people in the making like Chris, Caroline, Tolu, Doye B aka SUPER-DUPER BA (either you like it or not), Alexander, Godson, Williams, Sophia, Godwin and many more. I took up the role as a BA Tech Lead and I learned a lot about writing up Business case, Benefits plan, Use cases, User stories and many more. You remember the long hour meetings up to midnight or 1am and we still have to go to work the next day. Fun times for real, especially on the learning side and getting to know your team members. Caroline, Tolu, Godwin, Doye, you guys are awesome.
 When Keji started evangelising about “Digital transformation and Digital marketing”, I was sold out and I enrolled on the course “Professional Diploma in Digital marketing “provided by DMI. For one month, Keji and Jerry personally teach us about the areas of Digital marketing and Digital transformation from 9pm to 11pm or sometimes 12am. In one of those evening meetings, Keji mentioned one of his friends (known as J) who was earning over £30,000 per month due to his expertise of Digital marketing. That day, sleep was running away from me and made me realise the benefits of investing in yourself to learn relevant digital skills. During that period, I connected with awesome digital experts like Maduka, Glory, Didi, Roger, Grace G, Grace O, Cedric, Josephine B, Bolade, Ola e, Theodora, Chilli, Joba, Vincent A, Yetunde A, Fola, Seun, Abraham, Jon, Funto, Emmanuel, Marcus, Titus, Jerry, Frederick and the list goes on. After the training, the practical side came, and I decided to leave my BA tech role and take up the role as the Lead Business Analyst for DX ESP.
 This was an eye-opener for me when taking this lead role. On this project, I worked Bridget, Mark, Oby Cynthia, Chinwe, Adebayo, Leo, Rosemary, Grace and many more. This team was terrific and awesome to work with especially with the unique personalities. I could not ask for a better team. This experience taught me the importance of delivering project deliverables in a timely manner as well as encouraging and building up your team members. Then, GDPR came into the picture and I realised it will be beneficial to invest in that area as it will be a very demanding skillset in the coming months. I made the decision to resign my post as DX ESP Lead BA and joined the Legendary GDPR Team 1. On this team, there was myself, BIG BOSS Oludare, BIG MADAM Josephine B, Madam Grace G, Madam Ololade, Oga Douglas, Oga Harry B, Madam Yvonne, Oga Francis, Super Juliet, Madam Sue, Oga Akinola, Madam Gladness, Oga Adetokunbo, Madam Olutola, Madam Thoko, Oga Godfrey and many more. We worked on the GDPR questionnaire, GAP analysis, Data Inventory, Notice policies, Roadshows, Breach notification, High Level requirements, benefits Review Plan, Business process mapping, Data flows and so much more for so many months. I learned the Good, The Ugly and The Bad in a GDPR project. I got my dirty in any way that I could, and I have learned so much about GDPR. Not everything will go smoothly or as planned but one need to keep pressing on. 
 After many months being on the GDPR project, I started applying for GDPR roles and was the start of many disappointments and frustrations. Let me list a few:
 1) Booked for a phone interview from a data analytics company and interview was then cancelled before the schedule date until further notice.
 2) Booked for a phone interview by UST Global and successfully passed for the second stage only to be cancelled at the last minute.
 3) Called and booked for an interview by a charity in regard to a permanent GDPR BA only to be cancelled by the schedule date. 8 months later, that same charity contacted me to ask if I was still interested in their low pay GDPR role as they were struggling to find the right candidates. I rejected their offer due to their unprofessionalism and disrespect.
 4) Booked for a phone interview by a global media company. Passed the first stage interview and booked for the second interview. Only for them to cancel it.
 During those times, I was going through a lot of personal and familial challenges. One of them was the diagnosis of fibroids in my mum’s womb and needed a surgery to avert the spread of cancer in her body. This news greatly affected my family. On top of that, I was angry, frustrated, depressed and I was on the verge of leaving DBT completely because of those periods of storms in my life. 
 However, in March 2018, God smiled and connected me to a Divine helper on LinkedIn. This professional owns a Consultancy firm and needed a few professionals with strong GDPR experience. After exchanging our numbers, we talked and discussed about the GDPR tasks that was carried out at DBT and was really impressed. He then offered me to work together in providing GDPR consultancy for his clients. He also informed me that he has other prospective clients that needs help to carry out their GDPR projects. Then few days ago, he had a meeting with an accountancy firm who needed help with their GDPR project. During that meeting, he recommended my services due to my involvement in a GDPR project at DBT and in a church organisation regarding GDPR compliance. The next day, the accountancy firm agreed to hire me as one of their GDPR consultant for their project. By the way, there was no interview. God made a way when there seems to be no way.
 Not only that, my mum was fully cleared of cancer. God did the miracle at the point, I wanted to give up.
 If you feel like giving up because you find it very hard to get a job, I will advice you to reconsider. You have come too far from where you started from. I DARE YOU NOT TO GIVE UP. The investment that you have paid in DBT will be bear fruits in the many years to come. This is just the beginning. Continue to get your hands dirty. When you are going through hard times and you feel like giving up, look up to God and stay focused on your goals. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS TO COME INTO REALITY. Many thanks to the DBT family for the encouragement. The team is AWESOME to work with.
 God bless you Keji Giwa”

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