It’s a hat trick! 3 Success stories today!

With 43 success stories in June alone, and July isn’t slowing down one bit, our candidates are putting in the work, securing high paying jobs and making us really really proud!

You too can be sharing your success stories three months from now, we hope these inspires you!

It’s another GDPR role for this candidate!

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Hi Keji, I wanted to say I got another GDPR success stories in April, all thanks be to God. I was approached via Linkedin, at the time my 1st success story was a GDPR role that was a part time position. The recruiter wanted to know if I was interested in a part time GDPR position which fit in perfectly with the initial role, that can only be God. Had the interview and I told him what I had been doing on the previous role and the things learnt from managing projects in the past and the GDPR training from DBT, another GDPR training provider. I also had given expert talks on GDPR to small businesses. I want to say thanks to everyone who has been part of my success here. I’m given my best and worked hard, made mistakes and learnt. Have been challenged and taught by some great people. Thanks Ola Emeruah for reminding me to share this success story. DBT has been a long hard journey to paid success story (nearly 2.4 yrs ) but have had many opportunities to manage projects in DBT and work so it has been a good growing journey. The other side of being an Alumni is better. Don’t give up. Dig deep, persevere until you sign your contract and collect the prize and don’t be afraid to start small. Much love to all the Ework 4.0 — The Raiders family. :kissing_heart: :+1: Please keep anonymous on Whatsapp and social media, you can use my name on Telegram.

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She got a PMO Consultant role, got another offer for a PMO Manager role and this is her 4th contract


I currently have an offer from a XXXXXXXXX body, the reference request will come from Reed Professional Services. My start date will depend on receiving references.

PMO Consultant
I’m also in line to receive another offer later on today as a PMO Manager for an insurance broker😬

Hi Keji, The insurance company could not match my first offer so will be going ahead with the position with XXXXXXX as PMO Consultant. This is now my fourth contract since 2016 and have doubled my day rate since then. I want to encourage everyone on the platform that what ever you set your mind on and prayer you can achieve great things. Keji and DBT Team, thank you for the opportunity to learn and expedite my career. God Bless xx


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Our alumni are making us proud too! He just secured a 25% increase pay rise role

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Hi Keji, I’m an alumni and got another role on Monday with more than 25% pay rise. Incidentally, a DBT alumni works there and the interviewer was quite pleased we had that same history. I guess he’s doing a great job there for the interviewer to be so pleased….. I’m moving from Deloitte so I’m well prepped for the move and won’t let you guys down by God’s grace.

It’s another GDPR role for this candidate!


She is now a digital business analyst!


It’s raining success stories this July! Another candidate secures a role!


He just secured a digital BA role with a top UK firm

July is starting with a big bang! It’s 2 job offers for this candidate



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