It’s a Lead IT Business Analyst role for this candidate!

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I just secured a role as an Lead IT Business Analyst working on my areas of speciality User Experience (UX) and Data.

It has been a long journey for me but I came to achieve a goal. I have done just that.

I got involved in a plethora of projects and became so engrossed with tasks, many thought I was management. I only had one lead role for a Governmental project. However, I multitasked with my other projects. I made sure I kept myself informed with what was happening and often joined two meetings at once.

This journey meant I had to strategise, set out goals for myself and continue to review my plans. Change tactics, study and learn.

Many times I would not get an answer I wanted, it didn’t deter me, rather it pushed me to get more. I was an avid believer on having clarity and being thorough.

I ended up wining best xxxxxx at the Awards and it was encouraging, knowing I had achieved so much through God’s grace and wisdom.

You must decide to sacrifice, something will have to give. For me socials, sleep and enjoyment had to go. I toiled through the night instead my ardent brothers and sisters like xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxx.

I never accepted no, I challenged the status quo, I never gave up. I came not to get annoyed to to get a return on my investment.

Staying focused is key, do not get distracted by noise on the platform or the shortcomings of the sponsor. Rather focus on why you are hear. Lend a helping hand, give and be ready to receive.

My interviews were eye opening as my confidence grew the more I did. I knew things sure but I was unsettled and at times it showed. Undersell and over-deliver. This is what I what I did in my final interview. I prayed beforehand, Lord I won’t use LinkedIn, I will apply direct and you alone will speak. Even the little prep I thought I would need was forgotten on my laptop. My application was purley by accident.

I got a response quickly and had a phone interview. I asked about the key issues they were experiencing and gave solutions that could help. This was met with positive feedback. Face to Face was to confirm am I a good fit? I had few questions but my answers bode well with my interviews and we laughed and giggled. I knew then, I had this in the bag.

All the while I never mentioned Digital Transformation, SaFe, 3rd Platform Technology, not once. The Lord prepared my role for me I went in for a BA role and came out with managerial responsibilities and travel opportunities. This was my time.

Remember why you are here. Stay focused and do not wait to be asked to do a task, like xxxx(not xxxxxx o lol) Just Do It. Challenge yourself and have faith God can do it. Almighty God thank you for answered prayers and I give you all glory, honour and praise. Thank you Keji and everyone that has impacted my journey, I thank you Lord for you all.


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