It’s A Nigerian Thing!

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So the other day I got a call from a prospective candidate who was planning to come on our platform and then a few days later called back and changed her mind giving a reason I cannot begin to fathom.

“It’s a Nigerian thing and I don’t feel comfortable with Nigerians”

In fact, she wasn’t the first. A while back, this statement shocked me:

“You know you Nigerians are dodgy and I want to come on board but I just don’t like Nigerians”

So let me get this clearly.

You don’t want to take advantage of a platform that’s literally changing people’s careers and pay packages because a lot of Nigerians are going there or it’s owned by a Nigerian?

What’s changing your life and pay package got to do with a set of people.

Get your success story and move on.

But just to clarify a few things.

Unfortunately for certain people like these, the company is actually owned by a Nigerian. British born to be precise. Highly educated and a big believer in adding value to others.

While we are not prejudice and cherry pick who comes on our platform, we can’t help those who are.

Lastly, the reason our platform is packed with so much Nigerians is because they are ambitious, extremely intelligent, value education and are always looking to better themselves.

Being average doesn’t cut it for the average Nigerian. Being the best, exceptionally good at what they do and earning the big bucks is what Nigerians are made of.

In my opinion. It’s not a Nigerian thing. It’s mindset thing.

It’s like saying: “I don’t want to learn how to make Chinese food because it’s made by Chinese people.”


You either want more out of life or you settle for mediocre.

On the brighter side, here’s another success story from a hard working, extremely committed and highly focused individual. Oh by the way, she is Nigerian.

It’s doesn’t matter where you are from, as long as you are hungry for success, our ecosystem is ready to accommodate you PERIOD.


“Oga keji. Just got an offer for a senior Ba with capgemini.

I started applying officially last month when I felt I was ready. Three interviews… One of them with Jides company..which all didn’t turn out too well as they felt my skill sets were too much of digital transformation. Anyways I didn’t get any offer from the three interviews. However I was headhunted for this role and unwillingly forwarded my resume. When I found out it was for a lead business analyst with capgemini, I almost rolled over. Anyway three interviews over the phone and one face to face chat with my onboarding manager who was asking for my commit…here I am with an offer.

To make it even sweeter I just got additional news that my phone interview with epam systems (capgemini competitor) went excellently well and they want a face to face interview next week (they want to send me to Scotland….too far away, but I will play along) Thanks for bringing Ci to life and helping guys like us get into the flow.”


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