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The biggest mistake you can ever make in 2018 is to use someone else’s shine to overshadow the value of your own shine.
In simple words, if you don’t appreciate yourself, you will eventually depreciate.
While you are busy admiring one of our candidates who just secured £500 p/day or £850 p/day, remember that there is a £1000 p/day in you.

A man’s gift will make way for him and bring him before Kings. Be inspired but remember that you also have what it takes to do exceedingly and abundantly.

We can’t keep count of her success stories any more

she got another contract

Hello Keji
Another contract in the bag for 2018. This time the DBT Hybrid methodology did the job. More details to follow in the success story. Thank you for all you do for us. I am happy to call into the training when you do the Interview Q&A during the 7day free training

career insights success story

The NHS is still in love with our candidates

NHS Program Officer

Hi Keji

Thanks for taking my call.

Details below as requested.

Role – Programme Officer with the NHS.

The agency I’m working with is Brook Street.

You are likely to receive an email from a lady called XXXXXXXX.



success story

It just keeps rolling in

Sir I just got offered an assistant planner role by Galliard homes

They need two references of where ive worked before

Changing lives and adding value

Thanks DBT

All glory, honour and adoration I give to GOD, for without him this would never have been possible. To my Family, THANK YOU.

The platform works for without it I might not be where I am today, for this I say thanks to Mr Keji for been the brain behind this. I tell people don’t be distracted for it is easy to be, my Motto “Trust God, believe in yourself and keep practising”, opportunity will surely meet with favour one day.

To all those that I have worked with and made my dream a reality, I say a very huge thank you. BMP In House family, Fastball family, Programme Office family under my gracious Sis Olive, I say thank you.

To all who helped on my journey God himself will continually bless you. Shout out to Marisa Durban, Yinka, Pelumi ladoja, James Folarin, Olive iluyomade, Oluwaseyi Omo Olofin, Neks Opala, Jide {The chosen One}, Ronke Ajibabi, Abigail Rachel. Just a call, he dropped everything thanks so much Bolade Famuyitan. To those who are not mentioned it is not an oversight am Sorry.
God himself brings Angels in human form along our way, friends turn Sister and Brother, helpers and lifters of destiny, my outermost gratitude goes to Anthonia Onome and Oludare Olorunfemi, for believing in me when I almost gave up, for seeing beyond my short comings. Your Generations will never be stranded, you will call on God once and He will send ANGELS to your rescue.
My advice to all, discover who your helpers of destiny are on this platform with my Motto and you can never go wrong.

To the Big Boss himself {Keji} the Lord will continually honour you. Thanks

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