It’s raining success stories this July! Another candidate secures a role!

Hello Oga Keji
How is it going?

I joined DBT in Feb 2017 and l engineered others to join between Jan — August because of how much l believe in what you do on the platform.

I worked on IM APP, first bank and VoIP as a Digital Business Analysis.
These projects help drive my root deeper!!

I interviewed just last week and because of the peculiarities of the company and the ongoing security checks. I would be able to disclose for now!!

The company will likely contact you for my reference!!

Meanwhile I want to kindly request for a reference to attached to my application with Salford University Manchester to study
Information Systems Management!!

I want to thank you for being a blessing and indeed DBT works.

Please keep me anonymous for now but be rest assured l will bring more people in

Many Thanks


I am now a Senior Business Systems Analyst





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