It’s this Candidate’s Third Role Since Joining our eWorkexperience Platform

“This is not my first success story since joining DBT so I will keep it short and as simple as possible.
I joined DBT towards the end of 2014. Shortly after the classroom taught training I joined projects, firstly started off attending meetings, volunteering to take minutes, watched all the BA videos, interview prep videos (which helped me so much btw when I started to interview) and not too long into the journey I was appointed as a Deputy BA for tellallmyfriends IRobot (Android, IOS & Web)
I was also appointed as a QA lead during the implement and test stage for the project.

I eventually left the UK and was away for a while. Upon my return I secured my first BA role as a senior digital Business Analyst. I have worked on two contract BA roles and now secured my third contract.

My advise to everyone yet to have their story change is to stay focused, that’s the key. It is NOT EASY! You have to be ready to put in the work, else you might succeed in discouraging yourself. A lot of sort after tools that most companies use is being used in DBT, so that’s a really good added advantage. The networking and people you meet on the platform too is great advantage. Most people are always helpful. I personally made great friends from the platform and still do as securing roles hasn’t stopped me from collaborating and trying to join projects.
There’s always something new to learn and knowledge to acquire and share.

You have to know what you want and be willing to go get it! DBT is there to help you get there!”


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