I’ve got good news and it’s with the NHS

my career insights success story

I told you we will get tired of success stories bc it will come like an avalanche.

Hold me to my word.

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Hi Keji, I’ve got good news! Just came off my first stop on my renewed Project Management journey. I have secured a Project Officer Role with the NHS. I joined the platform in Manchester exactly two years ago and, as I am sure with many on this platform, I navigated through at a pace that was convenient to my unique circumstance. In my case, I had qualified and worked in project management for years until personal circumstance necessitated a change in career some years ago. Your innovative platform, introduced to me by a friend, was just what I needed to confidently ease back into the field and honestly, it has been worth every penny!

So far, I have worked with amazing people in projects like CIA Sherlock, HT-ePay, HT-Focus, SF Optimization, DX-VoIP, FBN Insurance, DX-SF Marketing Automation, to mention a few and they continue to remain invaluable.

Though I will not be requiring a reference from DBT, you can bet that I will remain consistent on the platform to continue to learn and grow. I remain a staunch advocate. Also, as one of the few females in the >40 demographic on the platform, I am hoping to encourage others like me, who joggle work (at various levels), children, partner etc. with the demands of the platform. Please keep at it and don’t give up – your time will surely come.

Thank you and God bless you.

p.s. By the way Keji, my daughter, who completes Uni in May, will join the platform immediately after. She’ll be looking to complete her Prince2 as well as the Digital Marketing certification by September. I’ll however get in touch closer to the time to discuss further. Thanks again.

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