January 2015 Starts With A Big Bang! | Dupe Secures A System Project Manager Role With London Business School

dbt (1057)

lbs-logo-xl-keylineHi Keji

Hope you are well?

Thanks so much for all the good work you do and may the good Lord continue to bless you.

I secured a system project manager role with London business school.

And I can confidently say I am putting all that I learnt in Dbt to good use

Although my role is a systems project manager, I still have to do the requirement gathering, Allocate task on Jira, testing and all other stuffs.

Which am only able to do cos of my experience in DBT.

May God continue to bless and make careerinsights grow bigger in Jesus name.

Thanks to Shola, Olyne and Adore for all their mentoring sessions and help.
Most especially Shola who took her time to mentor and help me in my first role as QA in Dbt.

God bless you all




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