January 2015: Candidate Secures A PSO Role With A Top Banking Firm


Hi Keji,

Hope all is well. I have some great news to share with you!

I just got offered a permanent role with a top banking firm and they will be in touch with you soon for a reference. It’s a Project Support Officer role working closely with Project Managers and Portfolio Analysts. Most of it involves, managing change control processes, reporting and control documents and tracking project progress. It’s a big transition for me coming from a telecoms background and going into banking, but more than anything I see it as an opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a new industry.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the hands-on experience I’ve gained at DBT and the great team of people that I worked with. Bukky, Ade, Quinet, Flavia, Rose, Tolu, Daniel, Abi, Wonu, Chukwudi, Austin and to everyone else who was involved with CI- Oscars you guys are just the best! It was a wonderful experience working with such an ambitious and bright team of people.

I started my training in July 2014 and I was briefly involved with the Matrix and Margin call projects, assisting with reports and taking minutes, then I got a lead role in August on CI-Oscars as a PMO Lead. I have to say I was not prepared for what was about to go down for the next few months. It was tough staying committed to the project while working on the side but I am glad I followed my heart and never gave up. Working long hours reviewing and updating all the control and reporting documents, the management strategies, project governance, making sure the naming convention was correctly followed and chasing people to complete reports, setting up weekly tasks and team meetings, staying up late to complete presentations, taking minutes. All this hard work truly earned me the hands-on experience I was able to talk about during my interview. The feedback I got was that they were really impressed with my enthusiasm and my knowledge of the Prince 2 reporting and control processes, managing documentation and how important this is for a project to succeed.

Thank you Keji once again for the opportunity, and to my fellow DBT members stay persistent and don’t give up. Start anywhere you can. As long as you give your best shot to whatever is in front of you, opportunity will find you.

Thanks and best regards,

Wine and Card on the way J

XXXXXXX (We have specifically removed the candidate and company’s name based on the company’s request.)

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