January 2015 | Oladiran Secures A Financial Analyst Role With DFE

DFE_logoHi Keji

Happy New Year and compliments of the season . Hope your day is going well.
I am writing to let you know I had a telephone  interview today for a finance analyst working for a government department(DFE)  to analyse finances on a large programme for schools.
I have been  offered the role and my start date is Thursday 8th January
I attribute my success to the development of  communications skills at all levels. Being able to attend meetings daily and make contributions has helped me to communicate better with people over the phone and in person
I joined DBT in May 2014 and have been active on the CI Phantom project. as PMO Lead and have recently been appointed as Project Manager.
I am grateful for the opportunities that you have created for people to development their skills in project management and business analysis.
I am currently preparing for an interview in Birmingham with  another government department(Highway Agency)
Thank you again for the opportunities you have created.
God continue to increase you more and more
Yours faithfully
Oladiran Akingbade
CI Phantom PM
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