January 2015: Safi Secures An ICT Business Analyst Role With The NHS

NHS LogoGood afternoon Keji

Safi here

Yes … It’s another success story thank God, I have been offered a role as an ICT Business Analyst with Public Health England(NHS).
Believe me all the practical experience  gained on DBT, working on projects like HMC2, TAMF,  both nominated for the innovation awards, Project 24, Wellness Media and Pacific Rim , where I had my first taste of QA, alongside Kay Akinwande, put me in good stead when it came to the interview.
I remember being so ill  just before the interview but went in there and didn’t feel  flustered because I had done the work and could speak from a position of strength and even though I had a very very embarrassing coughing fit on the day! I got a call from the Lead BA on Christmas asking if a new job was on my Christmas wish list, as I had impressed them at my interview! It was the best Christmas present ever and a testimony to God to round off 2014.

I finished my training on Feb 7  and got my hands dirty n the Event horizons iOS testing phase on Saturday, little did I know that I would end up as QA Lead and Deputy Technical Business Analyst on the second phase, HMC 2. I was also the Deputy Checkpoint lead on Project 24(phase 1) and the status report lead on CI Legacy.
I purposed to get involved in projects and contribute to business cases, researching on various marketing strategies, contributing to and anchoring Raids meetings.
I was cautious not to take  on any lead roles initially as I felt I would only do so if I knew I could put in a110%

I have had so much support and encouragement from members of my initial training group “DBT2”, especially Akinola Odedina, who is now a mentor, Obinna  Okoye who is also in a contract and gave me that final push to get out there.

And above all a big thank you to the HMC 2 Team, We had two fantastic and supportive Project Managers Adil Choudhury and Fola Onaeko, we worked tirelessly on the application together, and have been a support for each other too. I can honestly say we have become like family, love you all,  the management team for the invaluable sessions and Olyne especially for all those technical tutorials on Jira and Confluence, a woman after my own heart and a fellow teacher.

And last but most certainly not the least Keji a big thank you, a true giver… Your bountiful rewards await you.
A big thank you all round

Safi Olomu.

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