January 2015: Vijay & Anita Do A Double Whammy. Anita Secures A Business Analyst Role With Burberry


burberryHi Keji,

Hope all is well with you.

I’ve been offered a contract role with Burberry as a Business Analyst and they will soon be in touch for a reference, so thank you in advance.

Keji, where do I begin to thank you? As a qualified accountant, I had wanted to properly take a steer into the PM/BA world for some time as I was sick of ‘accounting month ends’ ruling my life. I had worked on some projects in the past; but with DBT I got the formal training that I needed, coupled with the opportunity to work on live projects and get invaluable experience which I got from The Great Gatsby, Legacy and Need for Speed (Reeviu) projects, where I got involved and took up different roles. (By the way, the friends that I have made here, especially on the Reeviu project, are more like siblings than colleagues and I thank all of you who bless me in different ways.)

On the Need for Speed (the Reeviu project) I was the BA Business Lead Deputy and was also nominated as the QA Lead, a role which was (how can I say this nicely?) ‘character-building’ to say the least. When the project was deployed and closed in October last year, I was very nearly tempted back into the world of accounting by persistent agents who still did not see me in the PM/BA light. It was at the DBT Awards Night where (I think it was) Daniel Agoye in his speech, who reminded me that when you are serious about and committed to undertaking something, stick with it and you will eventually get your breakthrough.

I took that advice to heart and decided to undertake the 1 week Prince2 course & exams at the Knowledge Academy 2 weeks before Christmas. Suddenly, my agents realised that I was serious which brings me to where I am now. Many, many thanks to Adore and Caroline for their Prince2 mentoring sessions which also prepared me well for the course. Many thanks also to all the others who groom us with the numerous training and mentoring sessions.

Some feedback from my interview was that I was chosen from numerous candidates due to my vast knowledge of project methodologies, sound knowledge of business process and design and good experience of projects, which I can greatly thank DBT for. Good communication skills/delivery and my ‘engaging style’ were also mentioned and I can honestly say that my numerous presentations to you, Keji (whatever your mood on the day, lol!) have greatly honed my skills and made me more confident – as long as I am sure of what I am talking about (which is another thing that you are very particular about).

In hindsight Keji, I thank you for always grilling me the way you did during my presentations. It might have been harrowing on the day but you made me really understand just how important it is to do the groundwork myself (whether research or collaboration with others before presenting) to ensure that I know fully what I am talking about, in order to put my points across lucidly.

My mentor (Lynn Agoye) was amazing and managed to somehow meet each of us in that group at our own point of need. Her advice went a long way.

Our much-loved DBT adage of ‘getting your hands dirty’ REALLY pays off and the experience you can get (if willing to put yourself forward and be a grafter) is something that no one can ever take away from you and will always place you in good stead amongst your contemporaries.

Continue to keep up the good work Keji and all those of you who enrich people’s lives. Our DBT family is a force to be reckoned with and may God keep this venture prospering, to continue to be a blessing and an inspiration in people’s lives, Amen.

Again, many thanks.




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