Jide Smashes Record With 6 Project Management Job Offers & £30k On Top Of His Current Salary Through The eWorkexprience Platform


Yes we are obsessed with success stories and this one will blow you away.

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Candidates join our eWorkexperience platform.
They gain practical work experience by collaborating with like minded professionals.
They secure life changing project management or business analysis roles with big fat pay cheques.
These candidates informs us and we go totally bunkers and start celebrating…. My precioussss

Oh by the way, the 3 candidates with success stories today are friends, confirming that iron sharpens iron. The first two success story have been posted earlier.


eWorkexperience Success story
Boss, it’s the smart one here. Got offered a job today, with 6 other jobs fighting for me

Week 1 = Joined DBT 9th Jan 2016 on the weekend course…not know a single thing about project management.

If you was to ask me “What’s RAID” I’d tell you it’s a fly spray… I work in sales, which was nothing to do with Science degree…

Before leaving the last Saturday course, I looked Keji in the eye and said
“REMEMBER ME” and he said “send me a message saying “The Smart One”

*Week 1 took Minutes for Matrix 2
*Week 2 became Minute Lead for Matrix 2,
*Week 4 Became Deputy Planner for X-files
*Week 5 Became x-Files Project Manager (E2E)
*Week 7 Became Product Champion in MS Projects
*Week 8 Became a Programme Office Analyst …
*Week 10 Was Considered to become a Snr BA
*Week 11 Became Shadow Project Manager for Fastball
*Week 15 Became the Project Manager for Eagle Eye
*Week 17 Became the Tech BA + PM for ES-Spotlight project

All along the while I held Mentoring sessions and helped individual projects, plus helped improve the Status report/EVM template, and also helped prep a few CI Candidates for interview and also referred my wife and cousin who are on the platform as we speak.

I was then pulled by the ear in Mid March by “The Hawk”, to SORT out my CV….and get a Job! I laughed and told “The Hawk”, i’m not ready yet, as I was still enjoying, and said i’d be ready end of April after my work pay our bonus ..

I was then pulled by both ears via The Hawk, Adore(director) and Ola.Ola (Snr strategy BA) in mid of April to fix my CV and being applying for jobs. So by End of April my CV was fixed and I began looking, which was a few weeks earlier than I planned. I starting thinking to quit my current Job by beginning of May as I was on a 3 MONTH notice period, which would better position myself and allow me to work on a deadline.

I was being to lose the drive to apply for jobs as it had been ⅔ weeks, where I had been getting calls from agencies, but no interviews, while success stories were all around me. I still hadn’t handed in my notice at work and within DBT I was a Product Champion, plus looking after two projects (FastBall & Phantom) as a PMO Analyst, Project Manager in another project (Eagle Eye) while a BA Tech in this other Project (ES-Spotlight) & ES programme planner……

Between 16th May to 16 June I had used my old email address & a CV with my middle name. WHY DID I DO THIS?

I did this because I wanted to learn the agency game/process and what employers want and look for (@ times the interviewer told me I’m TOO experienced). I then created a fresh gmail account using my 1st name & a FIRE CV that not even Adore could fault.

This new approach made me look fresh on the market, to agency and employers.

That week I had 7 interviews, having 3 interviews in a day at times, not even The Hawk couldn’t keep up with my speed, we ended up creating a spreadsheet, as I then had 11 interviews to fit in 5 days.

I got to the final stage in all 7 interviews, which were all digital/technical/Lead PM roles, doing web/mobile/SaaS/Programmatic. I’ve told the other 6 that I’ve gotten a job and I no longer want to continue with them, but they’ve all said “NO PLEASE COME IN”, so I may have another story this week!!

I took the role of a Snr Digital Project manager, working for a Data driven SOCIAL/SPORT DIGITAL MEDIA platform, building web/mobile.

“ I’ve just invested £750 and 6 months later ADDED £30K to my current salary….

Thankyou to:

*My Wife, who is also on the platform. She join in March, forcing us to buy a second laptop because meetings were clashing.

*Keji, Adore, Caroline and especially Snr Ola Who I bugged her from day one!

*THE HAWK! and mentor and sister Adeshola

*The X-Files,Fastball & Eagle eye team, who had my back day in day out.

*Modupe S (matrix2 project manager ) who gave me my 1st role as lead minutes taker.

*SHAKOOR! – this guy is a OG!(old guru)

My door is open you all!
As I’m a DBT MENTOR Planning & Digital PM now!

Yours truly

The smart one..
(Aka product champ !😜 + new mentor )


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