Joel Secures A Business Support Analyst Role With Lloyds Banking Group

This success story will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.


Like we keep telling our candidates, as long as you are on the eWorkexperience train, your stop will come.

Good Morning Keji;

Yes! Yes!! Yes!! May the LORD be with you Keji! Amen.

Yesterday was a day I will never forgot. I finally got my YES. I finally got to my own bus stop. I finally get to write my own success story.

I have been offered a contract role with Lloyds Banking Group as a Business Support Analysts.

Is it truly me? I have been asking myself this question all day because I was already at the point of giving up again like I once did back in 2015.

Shortly after joining DBT in 2014; I started attending RAIDs Meetings; Sponsors Meetings; taking minutes for TAMF – Trading Places (best project team ever; sorry I just had to add that in) and Event Horizon – HMC Phase 2; etc then I got thrown into the deep end as I was appointed Project Manager on one of the projects; I rose to the challenge and carried it out to the best of my ability; really got stuck in – an experience I will never forget but then the project was halted.

This discouraged me at the time; I began to have doubts as I was barely getting telephone interviews and I eventually abandoned the whole dream but I soon realised I was the only one who lost out. Then; I repented!

I decided to reapply myself started attending meetings again; going through all I had done in the past; focused on personal development; I wanted to join the Mentoring program but funds were tight but I told myself I wasn’t going to let this be an obstacle. I decided to have several ‘unofficial mentors’ & kept preparing myself for interviews even when there was none and soon I started getting calls for interviews – telephone; face to face. Then every interview I had; I used it as a stepping stone for the next one and soon found out that I got better at the interviews and then finally Lloyds Banking Group came calling and thanks be to God I got through the whole recruitment process.

Now I’m a Firm Believer. Keji please fire on. This Ecosystem you have built does work! Thank you!Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Lesson 1: Never Give Up on ur Dreams (You can do a ‘LEICESTER’)

Lesson 2: God makes everything beautiful in His Time

Lesson 3: Don’t be your own obstacle

Lesson 4: Be Prepared before the opportunity comes

Lesson 5: Stay Connected to your Power Team

Please I want to also remain anonymous for now. They would be contacting you at the latest – next week Monday for my Reference.

Thanks once again.


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