Joining Career Insights has meant moving up the career ladder progressively

Isn’t it funny how those who secure their first role, never leave the platform and then go on to secure 2nd, 3rd roles, jumping at every new program.

Wisdom is looking at what successful candidates are doing and copying it.

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Good evening Keji, hope you are well.
I got my second role since coming on board the DBT train. I have an offer with Ladbrokes Coral as a BA and the agent Harvey Nash will be getting in touch for a reference.

Should I request a reference via the work experience platform or just give your details?

A BA role with Ladbrokes Coral. Second role

Advice is to keep at it. Don’t give up or quit even when the process looks unclear. Take advantage of the resources available and use it. I learnt to be more vocal about my opinions on this platform and to give my thoughts a voice even if they are not right someone will correct it. Currently on the CRM program and GDPR — not leaving the platform anytime soon

Very special thanks to 2 fantastic ladies — Adore and Yvonne. They are the best.
Many thanks to you Keji as well. God bless

Please keep my name private.

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