Joining eWorkexperience Gives you an Edge as a Professional! Successful Candidate Shares Impressive First Day at Work

practical work experience

“Hi Keji, today was my first day at work. I felt so excited that I understood every single abbreviation at work. The likes of ‘BAU’. API. Push Notification. Gamification, Chat BOT were all mentioned today. I kid you not, I never heard all this lingo before DBT. The company I work for, a loyalty rewards company is looking at enhancing User Experience. You can imagine that my story during my interview was focused on BMP and disruptive technology. I used the words ‘seamless’ and ‘customer centric’ and this impressed the Head of Digital Technology. He was blown away. I must say, Keji, the DBT platform is such a blessing and it will grow from strength to strength. This sounds like a fresh success story I know. but I am so excited.”


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