July 2014: Benjamin Secures A PMO Analyst Role With Network Rail

logo-network-rail-largeHi keji,

God has given me my success story. PMO with Network Rail

I came to Career insights in February 2014 for the four Saturdays training session, during the training sessions; Keji said the only way forward is to get your hands dirty. Before I knew what was happening to me, I found myself at the deep end of the pool getting dirty all over.

 I got involved in four projects simultaneously and kept my reports/tasks active. I attended late night meetings (vampire meetings) and also attended the mentoring sessions organised by the programme office, they were very useful to me during the two stages interview.

During the interview I was asked about my role in DBT and how can I manage a portfolio of 162 projects if I’m successful, I told him how I managed six complex project in DBT and also assisting the project teams from the DBT hub (programme office); on my first day at my new role, I was shocked when I logged into their share drive it’s like a duplicate of DBT basecamp but with less info compare to DBT.

God Bless Keji

God Bless Careerinsights

God Bless DBT


Benjamin Okuku


Let’s see what Benjamin was up to at Digital Bananas Technology







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