July 2014: Federick Secures A Business Analyst Role With ADP

bdn234Hello Keji,
I have just secured another role within the financial sector with ADP UK & Europe as a BA and I’m on the train now going back home but can’t wait than to share my store with you and to say a big THANK YOU to you as I can relate all my recent successes to you and all the people I worked with on live projects during my time at DBT between 04/01/2013 to 30/11/2013.
After years as a Finance officer with the NHS, I wanted a career change and my friend introduced me to Career Insights late 2012. I wasted no time than to register for training in January and then joined the live projects for experience.  During this time that I was with DBT, I managed to get all the theoretical and practical skills needed as a BA. I found the videos particularly very helpful hence I always bought them whenever and watched them several times until my one month period expires.
As a result, my confidence increased but had a couple of unsuccessful interviews and didn’t give up until I got a 6 months contract in November last year as a BA with Dollar Financial Group.  Working as a BA with Dollar financials was not different from what we were doing in DBT. The only difference was the figures as they dealt with very huge sums of money compared to DBT.
Keji I am so glad I made the decision to train at DBT. Keji I can still hear your voice giving us advice and encouraging us not to give up. I want to also encourage all on the course not to give up as I can assure them that DBT has all the tools and resources needed to be independent out there.
Stay blessed!!

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