July 2014: Keep Calm, Here's Another Success Story. Deborah Just Secured A PMO Analyst Role With the Financial Ombudsman Service

Financial_Ombudsman_Service_logoHi Keji,

I am very excited to share this good news with you. I secured a permanent pmo analyst role with the financial ombudsman service. It’s not the £500 a day position, but it’s good enough for me for now to develop myself & it works with my family commitments.
I didn’t have to lie on my CV just trusted God to do it in his own time. I have lacked confident to apply for jobs, got tired of the hearing the ‘I am sorry but you are not successful this time’  so I have not been applying. I took the time an energy to really digest the training n materials, tutorials  and mentoring session. I must say that all this has helped me in securing this position.
I joined DBT in May of 2014 and although I had the Prince 2 certification ( for over a year) I needed the hands on experience which DBT provided. My interview was great, yes great as I was fully prepared and I knew the job spec was within my remit. I went for my interview with less than 48 hours notice, but my continous prep and God came through for me.
For the 1st time I was not nervous in the interview, I was able to draw on various illustrations and examples for the competency questions. I must say that although I had prnice2 they wanted to know more about my experience within DBT. I  Spoke highly & confidently about DBT in my interview, they were impressed with what we do (dbt) as a company.
I related the various tools we use in DBT to what the company used and was able to illustrate the various exposure I had so far (Basecamp,  I also spoke about the various project and what DBT stands for in lame mans english.
To be honest I didn’t have to lie, I told them I trained with an arm of DBT and on completion was offered a work experience opportunity which would have led to a permanent position after 12 weeks. Highlighted that I  work on multiple projects and gain experience in two different roles (PMO analyst & project coordinator).
I showed that i am flexible and adaptable meaning that I am  able to work on multiple projects, work within a hybrid framework ( prince 2, agile waterfall)
My experience  gained here at DBT gave me the confidence to answer all the interview questions, and for the 1st time I came out of an interview feeling they will be crazy not employ me…… yep I was that confident
I would like to use this opportunity to thank Caroline, Foluke, Adore and all the programme office really for their support especially the mentoring session, I personally find it valuable.
I would also like to encourage others, don’t give up and stay positive. keep preparing yourselves. I know there can be alot going on within DBT, but my advice is to focus on the area you are interested in and master it very well. attend as much mentoring session as you can and make notes of terms and terminology being used, then research it  and interpret it in your own way. Don’t saturate the market with your CV only apply for the role you know you can deliver in but with room for you to stretch yourself as well and let God do the rest, your testimony is truly around the corner.
You will still be seeing me here o,because I am still aiming for that £500 a day in the next 6 months by Gods grace,
Ok I talk to much, just super duper excited lol
once again thank you thank you thank you.
Kind regards
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