July 2014: Otilla Secures A Project Manager Role With St Mary's University | First Interview | Best Out 5 Other Highly Experienced Candidates Interviewed For the Same Role

logoasasHello Keji,

This is my success story.

I want to thank God Almighty for the divine  favour He showed to me today. Thank you so much Keji for the opportunity and the platform you provided for me to get practical work experience.

When I came to DBT, I didn’t know anything about Project Management or Business Analysis. I did the intensive training and immediately plunged into projects. My first project was TAMF Great Gatsby, after that , I plunged into The Need for speed Project and the Digi Afric Transformer Project where im currently the BA Tech Lead. The experiences, the sleepless nights , the long night meetings that’s lasts to the early hours of the morning because we needed to get the job done, the mentoring session, the tutorials videos and much more that DBT provides are invaluable and have finally paid off for me.

I took up the mentorship programme because ive been learning so much in dbt and I felt it was now time to get a job. The mentorship programme has helped me a lot because within a short period since I signed up for it, I have a story to tell, I actually got the job. The highlight was keji’s recent mentoring sessions ( I think it was last week ) where he showed us so many useful documents and resources that I didn’t know existed on basecamp;  after his session, I went to basecamp, looked at all these documents and I studied them extensively. There are lots of resources on basecamp and a lot to learn in all the mentoring session, scrum meetings, in short, everything that happens in DBT; for example during my interview, I was able to draw some examples of issues discussed in the scrum meeting we have every 9am with our developer, Anton and used that as an example when I was asked to explain how we use agile in my current organization. All the examples I gave were what I practically participated in, did or was involved in and I was able to explain these processes in full details without mincing words.

The long and short of my story is that since I joined DBT, this is my first interview and I landed the role. The interviewer told my agent that I was the best candidate of the 5 candidates he interviewed (To God be the glory for this is the same me that didn’t know anything before but now  I know something lol,  all because I did these things right here in Dbt) and I plan to replicate the same passion, enthusiasm and hard work in my new role. I want to say a big thank you to Keji (Doro Boss), Timi ( my mentor) , Robert ( my senior BA for the Transporter Project) ever helpful Olyne, soft spoken Adore,  my Need For speed Family ( we sweated on that project so I won’t be surprised if we all get our roles very soon) my transporter family , the programme office, ever one at DBT. The support system in DBT is the best ( im saying this because I have and I’m still experiencing it). It’s really worth all the hard work because you can’t talk about what you haven’t done. Thank God Almighty for His divine favour. I’ll always be a part of the DBT family.

Lots of love,



Let’s have a look at what Otilla was up to chat Digital Bananas Technology.




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