July 2014: Tolu Secures A PMO Analyst Role With TUI Travel, Our 3rd Candidate To Secure A Role With TUI Travel

tui-travel-logoAllelulia!!!! To God!!! I finally got a job!!!

I am now by God’s grace, a PMO Analyst at portfolio management level for TUI Travel. I can’t wait to get started!!! I’m really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like really really excited!!!

I joined DBT earlier this year in February, started as a minute taker, I must say after my one week training session, I was really clueless about where to start from and I wasn’t sure if minutes was good enough, felt like a secretary taking orders from other people but I am so grateful that I did take minutes, it was one of my key skills that helped secure my role with TUI Travel.

Like earlier mentioned I started as a minute taker for Project 24, before the end of my first week I became a deputy minute lead and moved on to being the lead in my third week. Though I was just the minute lead, P24 gave me the overall end to end project lifecycle experience we all need and with that I was able to become the PMO Lead for Oleku Deals.

I must say just writing minutes was all I did to secure my PMO Lead role, I know most of us only occupy PMO Support roles and you sometimes get frustrated because you’re gaining the experience you really need and can’t get access to the tools you want, thus I say this you, “Quit thinking like just a Project Support Officer and Starting thinking like whatever you want to be, be it PM, BA, Planner or PMO Lead/Analyst” Even though I was just a minute taker, I never limited myself to being one, before I was even given a report to write, I practiced reports on my own, I got people doing the reports to QA me and I asked questions where necessary – John Achu, thank you for being so patient with me, I’m sure I was a pest J

I read all the latest versions of the COE management strategy documents – ALL OF THEM! This really helped me to know and understand how the PMO Office should function and how a project is managed to completion – With this knowledge I became the PMO Lead for Oleku Deals and I think I’ve done a good job managing the PMO thus far.

I think I’m rabbling on at this point (sorry Debbie) so I‘m going to summarize this really quick cause I can go on for hours. Here’s what you need to know;

When Keji says if you “get your hands dirty” you will secure a job, it is most definitely not a lie!!!!!!!! I am living testament to that. I only joined DBT in February, regardless of only being a minute taker, I got seriously involved in the projects and studied hard, (take your own learning into your hands, don’t wait on the general mentoring sessions before you gain the knowledge you need) Not only did I study hard and gained knowledge, in my PMO Lead role with Oleku Deals, I put to practice the knowledge I’d gained e.g. the project management strategies and this was what gave me the real life examples I used at my interview with TUI Travel, I didn’t have to use anyone’s story, Why? Because I had mine, How? By getting involved!!!!!

Until I was fully prepared I didn’t apply for work, I think it is more important to be ready first than it is to get a job, when you’re ready, you will get a job, because you are ready, you’ll be super confident and won’t have to think twice of what you’re saying. My interview was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! It was CV Based, their first question to me was this – tell me about your current role and what you do, I was so happy when they asked me this, cause I love to talk (as you can see from the length of my success story,  thanks to Ola Inekuku for blessing me with that special ability J) and talk I did but obviously only about what I asked but my point here is that I was able to talk easily and sincerely cause I really had the experience, I matched them word for word.

Even my CV wasn’t doctored or anything, I didn’t claim years of experience I didn’t have, the recruiters were really only concerned with my current role. I only started applying for work In June and before the end of July I got a job!!!

I can go on and on but I think I have to stop now, Keji thanks so much for driving us and pushing us the way you do, it’s made me a really strong and adept person. I really have a long list of people to thank but I’m just going to summarize it as this, DBT, COE, P24 and OLEKU DEALS – Thanks so much for an awesome experience, like Adore says, See you at the top, I really can’t wait to hear your success stories. xxx J

Tolu Titiloye



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