I just secured a CRM project manager role!

Four success stories already and this the first fully written up one.

Phone calls come in and they are competing to be the first to tell me.

“Keji I am a July 2018 success story!”

— — — — — — — —

Good evening Keji,

I joined DBT in February 2016. I know right? I have often felt like the kid that graduated last in school but as I advised someone recently, it is not how long it took for you to get there as what is most important is that you did.

I heard about career insights from my cousin during a girls night out, which happened to be my sister’s hen do. I called up the office and signed up within a week and had a one week training course led by the ever lovely xxxxx xxxxx and xxxx xxxxx.

Well my time is finally here!!!! Please kindly keep my name and details anonymous.

DBT works!!!! Everything provided on the platform is relevant and if properly utilised and applied will not only make you SHINE and get you past interview stage but will serve as a good foundation to grow and job retention once secured.

I went for 2 final stage interviews lfor 2 different roles last week. CRM Project Manager and IT project Manager respectively. Each of the interviews had three stages, including a presentation on Project Governance and how to successfully Implement a CRM project.. It was intense and gruelling preparing for it, which I did with the help of my friend and mentor and a half Femi drum roll…….
xxxxxx!!!. He told me “Make sure you include the DBT Framework as that on it’s own can secure you the role” and he couldn’t have been more correct. I had 5- 10 minutes to deliver my presentation, which xxxxx went through meticulously, making sure the slides were in the right order for flow and relevant content.

At the interview during my presentation, I got to the power point slide containing the DBT Framework. The Head of Strategy and the CRM Programme Manager interviewing me were so intrigued they could barely contain their excitement. At the end of my presentation, they asked me to go back to the slide with DBT’s SAFe Wagile Frame work, which was one of 15 slides and asked me to break it down. I knew I had them at this point but did not want to get too cocky.

To cut a long story short, I started off nervous but ended up strong. The interview flowed and I was getting a lot of positive intonations like: nods, yes’s , good answer and them referring back to some of the things I said during the interview as being very similar to what they want to do. It was meant to be a one hour interview but ended up taking 1.5 hours At the end of that interview, which was on a Wednesday, they said they would get back to me by Friday at the very latest.

I left the interview feeling elated but pushed it to the back of my mind as I had another interview to prepare for the following day. xxxxxxxx again went through the spec for the interview I had the following day meticulously and explained in great detail what they were looking for, accompanied with relevant examples. I went to this interview feeling confident and relaxed. I answered each question asked of me to the point where the answers I gave were detailed enough that I was told II had already answered 2–3 of the next question they wanted to ask me with just one answer. Every single question thrown at me was one I was equipped to answer as they were questions Femi had prepped me for. This interview was meant to be an hour but finished in 50 minutes. The interview energy was good and the conversation flowed really well. I was told at the end of the interview that they would contact me with the outcome the next day or at the very latest the Monday of the following week.

I again left this interview knowing I had nailed it. I remember telling my husband and xxxx that I feel completely at peace with my performance in the second interview and that if I was not selected, I knew it would have had nothing to do with my performance as I wouldn’t change anything I said and it went very well in my opinion. So…………I went home feeling relieved that the interviews

where done but also feeling like I had been hit with a sledgehammer as I felt completely drained and just crashed when I got home.

Then the waiting game torture commenced, as I waited with each passing minute and hour of the following day for the phone call to come through. By 3.30 pm, Friday afternoon, I had worked myself up into a frenzy and convinced myself that if I had been successful I would have received a phone call from each of the interviews on the day itself or at the very least the following morning as I had read several people say in their success stories . I had already started thinking that maybe contrary to what I initially thought that it maybe wasn’t my time and I started to psych myself with words like “ xxxx you need to get back on that horse as giving up is not an option” if for nothing else I did not want my kids to think when the going gets tough, it is okay to throw in the towel.

@ 4pm on Friday the same week of both my interviews, I did one final check on my work phone, with the intention of turning it off for the weekend and lo and behold my phone unbeknownst to me was on silent and I had 2 missed calls from the 2 companies I interviewed with. I called back the first company but got no response so left a message. Shortly after, the Head of Strategy for the first company I interviewed with, called me and said they would like to offer me the role and were really impressed with my presentation, understanding of the product and explanation of the questions asked. She said she hoped I would accept the offer as she really felt I would fit in with the organisation’s culture. It felt like an out of body experience, it was surreal. I of course said yes and that I was really excited about the news but at the same time, I was wondering, what the outcome of the other interview I had was, as out of the 2, that was the one I really wanted.

So immediately I got off the phone I called the other company. I spoke to HR and was told that they would like to offer me the role. I thought I was going to loose my ever loving mind. The recruitment manager said shortly after my interview, the programme manager contacted him and said the panel was so impressed with me and that he needed him to send out an offer of employment immediately. He said he would send the offer via email and that all I needed to do was select the accept button which would constitute my acceptance of the role and the online onboarding process would commence with the contract of employment sent out afterwards. I got the offer of employment within minutes of getting off the phone.

My advice on my recipe for success is what I did but you each have to find what works for you. Please do not start this journey thinking it will be an easy ride because it is not . You have to persevere, stay the course and keep the big guy up above close. With that in mind you will be strapped in tight for the often bumpy journey ahead. I had highs, lows, periods of self doubt but though difficult and at times I felt like I would not succeed , I maintained focus and blocked out what I call noise “ negativity from what ever source” I surrounded myself with positive, like minded people. People I could learn from, people that would not tolerate me feeling sorry for myself, people that told be I could when I thought I couldn’t. I watched video’s, joined projects, got involved in project’s such as CI X files, ES FBN Finance, Salesforce Optimisation, a lead role as a DBA in Search Marketing and Analytics and PM for the most hardworking team ever!!! Salesforce CS. I asked questions and put careful thought and consideration into who I selected as my mentor as you will find that you have a lot of fragmented information and will need guidance from the right person on how to bring it all together.

I would like to thank you Keji for creating this platform and community that not only changes lives but also allows the opportunity to meet very decent people who become valuable friends on the journey to success.

I would like to thank my support system on this long

, trying but fruitful journey, starting with the Almighty God for blessing me with more resilience, drive and determination than I ever thought I had. To my family, especially my husband and kid’s for their love, steadfast support and belief in me. To my Sister-In-Law, xxxx xxxxx, we started this journey together sis and look at us now. Thank you for your advice on travelling down the PM path though I was initially on the BA career journey. I am proud of you and your accomplishments on this platform. To DBT’s precious stone, what can I say? My wise, humble, selfless mentor and friend xxxxx xxxxx. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Thank you for your patience, time and dedication in helping me create a KILLER C.V. that kept my phone ringing and tutoring me, so I was confident and ready for interviews. I picked the best mentor to guarantee success. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. xxxx xxxx, my sister from another mother and Salesforce guru. I could not have come this far without you. You are loyal and exemplify professionalism . Lady xxxx xxxxx, DBT’s hidden gem, a lady and a half, full of so much Knowledge, wisdom, humility and so supportive. I am in complete awe of you lady!!! Thank you. xxxxx xxxxx!!! You are something else. Thank you for your support and belief in me. xxx xxxxx, thank you for your support and part in my journey. xxxxx xxxx, what can I say? Thank you for always giving me support with planning, when I had no planner and spending hours and days on the plan with me till we got it right. What I know about planning I learnt from you. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. Programme Office team xxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxx; xxxx xxxxx, you guys are awesome and went over and above to make sure I got the meetings I needed for my team to complete our deliverables at very short notice. Thank you xxxxx xxxxx, thank you for your useful advise. The CI — X files, FBN app, Salesforce Optimisation, Search Marketing and Analytics teams and my very own super special Team Salesforce CS. I thank each and everyone of you, those still here and those long gone, no experience was bad, all was learning and growing and gaining in experience. I have to also give a shout out to my JPM xxxxx xxxxx, you have been such a pleasure to work with and made my experience as a PM on Salesforce CS as smooth and enjoyable as it could be with your support and positive nature. Thank you.

We have had loads of success stories on my project and on this platform as a whole and I am positive there are many more to come. Keep busy, keep focused, stay positive and block out the noise, take your time in selectingthe right mentor and your time will surely come.

I am not done, I am definitely still continuing on this journey of continued growth and will remain on the platform but for now peace, over and out :blush:.

PS: Both companies will be in touch with you this week for references. I want to keep my options open till the one I want is signed sealed and delivered:wink:

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