March 2014: Kat Secures A Project Manager Role With Candy & Candy

Candy-Candy-high-res-logoWhen Kat joined us late last year, her confidence was at an all time low however it was clear that she had the potential and natural talents to become a competent and highly resourceful project manager. She would constantly complain to me about the fact that she was finding it extremely difficult to get involved in projects and she would rather be taught like by a trainer in a training environment.

I remember telling her that over here at Career Insights, it’s all about learning on the job and getting your hands dirty. She was not too keen on the constant presentations she had to do but in no time, it was clear she was a natural.

Her organisational skills quickly improved and she was able to deal with difficult stakeholders. As time went by, she ended up taking up lead roles and eventually built her confidence to take on a project manager role at Digital Bananas Technology.

Let’s read her success stories:

Today she is a Project Manager at Candy & Candy, World’s leading interior designer.



Checkout what Kat was up to as a Project Manager at Digital Bananas Technology while she was gaining her practical work experience:



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