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Hello Keji,

I got offered a contract role as a Business Process Analyst with Morrison Utility Services.

Being a Business Analyst has always been my career goal and CI/DBT has made that a reality by creating this platform to learn, get the hands ‘DIRTY’ and most of all network with people.

I attended the one week intensive training in October 2014 as my birthday gift/treat. After my training, I joined Margin Call where I learnt a lot from the project and management team. I wanted to contribute and add value to the project, so I started by volunteering to take minutes at meetings, shortly after that I was appointed the Deputy RAID Lead.

Few months later, I was appointed the QA Lead on Skyfall project. I worked extensively with a brilliant team that added to my existing skills and knowledge. Holding late night / early morning meetings, ad – hoc meetings over the weekend, bank holidays etc. so as to meet deadlines. It was tedious at times to be honest but the team kept at it and eventually we started having fun. Thanks to the entire Skyfall Team. Thanks to Team PDP.

Thanks to Toyin Ajayi for the knowledge and guidance (Tell your story loooool)

Thank to Tunde Ohioze for the late nights, guidance and the value you have added to my life

Thanks to Keji Giwa (Tony Stark looool) for creating this platform for all of us.

Best Regards
Kayode Erukusin


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