Why shouldn’t we have a blast all weekend? Kayode Secures A Project Facilitator Role

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Why shouldn’t we have a blast all weekend when we spend all week receiving success stories.

Check this out:

Hi Keji,

I don’t want to be anonymous, my name is Kayode Oluwatayo. I set out on a journey with career insights on the 15th of June 2015 with the sole aim of doing exactly this… Typing out my success story!!

I had been working as a Team Manager with EDF energy and had been with the company for 7years.

During this period, I had been a part of several projects implementedWhy shouldn’t we have a blast all weekend by EDF but I had no idea or concept of how we went about it or the controls we had in place to ensure they were delivered efficiently. This is where career insights came in.

Career insights certainly was the next phase of my development within the management world. During the one week intensive training classes, I decided I wanted to go along the Business analyst path, so everything I did was tailored to that. I joined projects Transcend Cartoon, Tech Phoenix 2 and later on CI-CSI and worked within their respective BA Team’s. I watched all the BA videos and felt confident I was getting closer to my goal.

But as time ran along, someone helped me to realize that I had core and very natural project management skills. And because career insights is a fantastic platform that offers training and materials to be any kind of project management professional you want, making the switch from learning the BA side of things to the PM/PMO side was as easy as it gets.

When I started applying for Jobs, I got calls from recruiters who passed my CV onto clients but I wasn’t getting any interviews. I thought to myself “all this will take is just one interview, just one opportunity to sell myself”.
That one opportunity came last week when I was invited for an interview on a Friday. Adeshola Cole, who by the way did not allow me to rest until my CV was in tip top shape and until I had made a certain amount of applications a week, was available to prepare me for the interview and offered me immense support.

I completely blew them away. Career insights helped me to link my experience of being involved with projects at EDF to fundamental project management methods, framework, governance and controls. And as a result, the answers I gave to their questions had them literally offering me the position before the customary second interview. After the second interview which took place the following Tuesday, I was told that it was the best interview across the board that they had for a long time. I was officially offered the position of Business Excellence Projects Facilitator (a sort of PMO role). I also found my self in a position where I could really negotiate how much I wanted… And they gave it to me.

So a big thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve met so far, Nike & Team transcend cartoon, Adedamola & Team CSI, Team Tech Phoenix 2 (aka the hawk family)… You guys rock!,

Vijay for your support at the start of my BA journey with my first CV review.

Kingsley, Rotimi, Ade and Taiwo – you guys are worth your weight in gold.

Adeshola Cole!!!!! Mama Hawk!!!! – hope you’re proud of your boy…. Thanks for seeing in me what perhaps wasn’t so obvious to myself. This lady’s a living legend, Charismatic, inspirational, no nonsense, she’s just crazy about her mentees getting Jobs.

Keji Giwa – For answering God’s call and believing that with his help, you could pull off such a genius of an idea which has blessed several hundreds of people. You epitomize those words “be fruitful, and multiply”

Thank you God for this early Christmas Present!


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