Keep Your Eyes On The Road To Your Success Story


Miss Patience knew her time will come because she’s was on the train to her destination.

She celebrated those who reached their stop and cheered them on knowing that someday soon, everyone on the train will be celebrating her too.

She stayed focused, kept her eye on the train map, looking forward to her stop and counting down to her ultimate destination.

“Keep smiling” she would tell herself, “your time is coming soon.”

She pictured how she will write her success story, she even wrote a draft and read it to herself ever so often.

When her stop finally came, she tapped send on the eWorkexperience group and everyone congratulated and celebrated her.

As she left the train on to her new journey of success, she looked turner to everyone on the train and said:

“Stay on the train guys, keep your eye on the train map, never miss your stop because you were too distracted wondering if your stop will ever come. Instead, dream about it, visualise it and celebrate each stop towards your ultimate destination. As my success story came today so will yours.”

Today is one of our candidates day:
“I have been offered a Digital Business Analyst role by Capgemini on a HM Revenue & Customs project. I’m completing the vetting and on boarding process, so they will contact you for a reference.”

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