Kemi Secures Her Second PMO Role By Staying On the eWorkexperience Platform


When Kemi Secured her first project coordinator role, many thought her stop had come but not her. she stayed on the eWorkexperience train until she got exactly what she wanted and according to her:

Both interviews only lasted about 30mins each and the hiring manager said the golden words “there is definately a role for you here”.

Check it out:


Its been a long time coming! Joined DBT in Sept 2014. worked a 9 to 5 already but I was resolute to up-skill.

Got involved in projects like DigiAfric professional, Equalizer, TAMF Moneyball, joining reporting teams and meetings. I was already in a PM support role but it was amazing just how much more there was to learn. 2015, joined the Hairspray project as Deputy PM but it was halted. Moved on to the Transcend Big Brother but combining the demand of the project with my job at the time was a challenge so stepped down.

A few months later joined the Pixels project as PMO but again had to step down. Still i did not give up as i believed DBT held something special and i was not about to let go till I got what i came for. Mar 2015 I shared a success story, getting a Project coordinator role in an aviation company.

To many it seemed had arrived but to me, it was not my stop yet. June 2015, signed up as Adesholas’ mentee and got a few interviews, a mix across many industries including financial services which I did not have experience in, but no offers. Joined meetings when I could, read documents off line, watched mentoring videos etc. Between then and now I had moved to a utilities company as a programme coordinator. What was meant to be a 3 months contract was extended to 10months because I showed diverse knowledge of cutting across PMO, PM and BA (guess where i learnt that from).

Still i had not got what i came for…A digital role. With numerous applications for the past year nothing seemed to stick except my mentor, encouraging and motivating . Out of no where an interview came for an IT Project coordinator role in a major aviation / airline company. Telephone and face to face interview a day apart and now here we are.

What seemed to be a year of endless applications and no interviews was really the journey, the seasoning required to prepare for the role. Both interviews only lasted about 30mins each and the hiring manager said the golden words “there is definately a role for you here”.

The moral of my story, Patience is golden! The offer may not be happening now but your journey to success started when you joined DBT.

Everything we learn here is relevant and useful, do not underestimate the value. To Keji, saying thank you is not enough for this beautiful ecosystem you have created.

Adeshola my mentor is ABSOLUTE GOLD, totally respect her, so much knowledge, so willing to mentor. Lastly yes it is possible to combine a 9 to 5, family and DBT learning. Where there is a will there is a way. Your journey may be different from others but refine yourselves here, the roles will come.


Now stop and think!

Why shouldn’t this be your success story?

In 2015 we celebrated over 300 success stories. I am telling you right now that in 2016, we will be celebrating 400 success stories. The question is will you be one of them?

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