Lola secures a PMO Analyst Role Within the Banking Sector

Hi Keji,

I just wanted to share my story with you, to the Glory of God I finally got my first project role a few weeks ago after many failed attempts. My journey into Project management started last year January when I decided to change careers, I put together a CV and spoke to a few friends who worked as PMO analysts and I started applying for roles. I got a few interviews but never managed to secure a role; I was very frustrated throughout this period as I was jobless and extremely unfulfilled I nearly gave up my search but something kept me going.

Things finally changed for me when I came across a youtube video of one your previous candidates who had managed to secure two roles after doing the course, as I listened to her testimony I recognised we had similar circumstances and was very curious to learn more about Career insights.  Initially I was sceptical but recognised I had to change my tactics in securing the role I wanted as I couldn’t keep doing the same thing and expect I different result.

I must say from the moment I got in touch with career insights I was very impressed by the level of attention given to candidates and the opportunity to come in for a free introductory class sold the course to me. I registered for the course in August last year and really learnt a lot in the short space of time I was there, I had the opportunity to work on live projects and get actively involved. After the course I attended 2 more interviews with high profile financial organisations and got an offer on my 2nd interview, this was down to my ability to give practical examples of what I had done on the projects which was something I couldn’t do before.

Keji I’m so glad I made the decision to do the course as it has helped me tremendously. All the resources I had access to during the course are now tools I use in my current role and would like to encourage others who are currently on the course not to give up. Keji you where a tutor and a friend and your encouragement was not lost on me as you were always on hand to encourage and assure me the job will definitely come. Thank you

– Lola


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