Maduka Secures a Systems Analyst Role

practical work experience

Tony Robbins once said, “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” I remember my days in the early months of this year, things weren’t going too well with job hunts. Several times I pondered on the next step to take in order to get out of the situation. During those trying moments, I resolved to do something different to change my situation, hence, I decided to enrole for Keji’s PM/BA programme at Career Insights. I must confess that I was a bit apprehensive initially over the idea, considering the fee of the programme (which I didn’t have at the time) and other factors. I had to remind myself that if something is important to a man then he will find a way, but if it is not, then he will find an excuse. I eventually registered for the programme, and I must say, it was a marvellous experience! I want to thank you Keji for all the support your provided during the programme. The insights you gave were very practical. Following the programme, I received a raft of interview invites, and I was fortunate to gain my current employment through one of the interviews. I currently work as a system analyst where the things that I learnt from Career Insights are applicable. I give all the glory to God for the privilege of my job, and I say a big ‘Thank You’ to you Keji. More power to your elbow :-)!
Maduka Secures


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