March 2014: 4 Job Offers, Yvonne Accepted Ofgem's Offer Paying £400 p/day As A Business Analyst

e9e67_OfgemLogo350_1ffb94d83bf7d2da26fd85433fHi Keji,

Just as I promised this is my success story.

I first came to Career Insights at the in May 2013, it was recommended to me by a friend who had trained there also.  Keji would often tell us that ‘we should get our hands dirty’ by joining as many projects as possible. Therefore after I finished my training I joined a few projects straight away  in order to gain experience and utilise the skills I had acquired.

During the training Keji really looked after us and was there to answer all my questions. Before I came there I was not sure whether I wanted to be a PM or BA, but the training equipped me with what I needed to be able to make an informed decision. In the end I decided on BA.

I started searching for jobs in this area, although I did not get a job straight away I did not give up and remained focused and persistent and still continued to get my hands dirty on projects.

Eventually when God moved I started to get interviews, I had 7 interviews requested and went to 5 of them. I was instantly turned down for the first interview. I did not give up, but remained focused. I went to the other four interviews within 2 days and was offered jobs for all four, two contract positions and two permanent positions.  All this happens within a period of one week.

I accepted one of the contract offers (Ofgem) and turned the rest down, I started my new role on Monday
3 March 2014. I feel very confident in my role because the things we did in DBT is what I am doing now in my roles. I was very surprised and pleased by how everything turned out.

I encourage every one who want to do this training, do not waste time, the financial benefit and career benefit you will gain is more than worth the effort and the fee. To those that are in it already get your hands dirty and those who are getting their hands dirty be focused and continue to push because your time will definitely come and you will reap the benefits of your hard work.

Thank you Keji, I appreciate the knowledge you imparted, the availability of tools and your encouragement.

I am truly grateful.




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