March 2014: It Keeps Getting Better! Akinola Secures A Business Analyst Role

premier-farnell-logoHi Keji,

This is my success story as promised. sorry it took me this long to send it. i’ve been very busy with stuff.
First of all i would really like to give all the glory to God for he is a big factor in making this happen then i would like to appreciate you (Keji) as well as Ayo and all those beautiful Ladies at Digital Bananas who i couldn’t get seem to get my eyes on
I started the training course on the 3rd of February 2014 and prior to coming for the training at career insights, i had a hunger for success. i was tired of the level where i was and i needed a change so i put in all my best into the training, i engaged with activities on base camp and i really ensured that i just wasn’t a spectator.
I finished the training on the 7th of February and i gave myself a target of one month to get a job and i went out there and i applied for jobs and the interviews kept coming and never stopped but on the 3rd of March 2014 precisely 4 weeks after i completed my training at career insights, i secured a contract with (Premier Farnell) an Engineering firm in Leeds. i was so excited about it and i was really looking forward to starting the job only to get calls from other places where i had initially gone for interview telling me i also got the job offers as well. Monitise, BBC, Barclays bank, Financial Ombudsman Service all sent me offers as well but i decided to stick with Premier Farnell.
4 weeks with hardwork and dedication after the training was what it took to secure my role but like i said earlier i put in a lot of prayer as well so i definitely know God was involved as well. but like they say  “Heaven helps those who help themselves”

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