March 2014: Mohammed Islam Secures A Business Analyst Role With Pepsi

288px-Pepsi_logo_2008.svgHi Keji
Wanted to happily announce that I’ve finally secured a Digital BA role with Pepsi. The new role involves me to a) re-design an existing website and b) to extract information from internal and external sources to build an up to date customer profile for the company to shape its strategic plans for the future.

More importantly I’ve been really looking forward to the this moment and to say a very big thank you to you Keji for your ongoing support and encouragement that allowed me to grow as person and develop my BA skills all within this friendly and exciting environment, a place where i can testify that your ambitions and dreams can truly become a reality subject to you:
a) dedicating yourself to your craft,
b) taking on the Keji’s advice from all his sponsors meetings and
c) compliment all this with investing in relevant industry qualification to help set you apart and help you stand your ground within the your field in the real world.

Crucially the opportunity to work with Keji and the Wellness team at DBT provided me with the essential, current and up to date digital experience, a premium skill in the market place today and the very skills which i learnt at DBT, has helped me seal this job. The opportunity to contribute and present to the sponsor the business case was just as valuable as compiling a detailed requirements catalogue uploaded onto confluence for ongoing collaborative work something that impressed my recruiter and interviewer.

Furthermore i was lucky at DBT to have been promoted to a Senior BA Tech lead within the DBT Business Dept and this increased my confidence and helped me get more familiar with the technical side by contributing to various projects with regards to gathering requirements to compiling different requirements catalogues using various modelling techniques, the skills of a BA tech was steadily becoming first nature to me and this essentially was confidently reflected throughout my interview.

Funny thing is i have another interview left before i start with Pepsi and im waiting for feedback from 2 other interviews i did last week so i must admit this is a result of DBT and Keji giving me the personal advice, belief and motivation throughout every stage of my journey one way or the other and i cant thank DBT enough for my success so far so and I will be representing DBT proudly.

Finally Id like to wish all those who are working hard on the projects at DBT to have self belief and confidence because with Keji and DBT you have everything you need to be a successful PM, PMO, BA, QA , trust me, so please, my advice is to take advantage and spread the DBT message to your friends and family while this wonderful opportunity lasts.


Kind Regards
Mohammed Islam


Check out Mohammed’s activities and responsibilities as a Business Analyst while at Digital Bananas Technology:





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