March 2015: Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Co-operative Bank

cooperative-bank-logo-268450Hello Keji

I am one of the first set of CI training in Manchester, I have good news, but will like to talk to you on the phone

Please let me know when you can talk


Thanks for speaking to me on the phone Keji, yes to my testimony

I am one of the first CI candidates in Manchester, I had my telephone interview with Co-operative bank last week Friday, had the face-face on Wednesday for a BA role as a permanent staff. I still have two face-face interviews coming up next week; one with money supermarket and the other with Thinkmoney. My name is ###########, BA business lead for the handyman project. Please make me anonymous, not even my role on the DBT project should be mentioned, I have not shared the news with my project team. Thanks for coming to Manchester and it is a great pleasure for me to be part of this laudable Eco system. Well done Bro and more power to your elbow. God bless

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