March 2015: Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With The Ministry Of Justice (Our 4th Candidate There)

45Hi Keji… I have a success story for you. Coming soon. Won’t be requesting a reference from you though , I have sorted that out with my current employer…. Subject to terms and conditions…First you must promise to keep it anonymous both on basecamp and Facebook.

Yes I have been given the offer. The Role is Business Analyst- Business Transformation with Working links , a subsidiary of Ministry of Justice. ( yea I know you said about 3 of your candidates got jobs there).
My name is |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||. I am currently working on the Bankmypals project as one of the BAs and also on the handyman project. I intend to still keep working on these projects till they are completed.

Thank you for all you do. This isn’t the full story tho but yea that’s the gist of the job. God is good…..

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