March 2015: Candidate Secures A Project Analyst Role With Home Retail Group




I enrolled on the DBT project management course in August 2013 and commenced work experience immediately after I completed the one week induction/training at the office.

 I worked extensively on the Here’s My Card iOS project and got to get my hand’s dirty as Keji usually encouraged us to do.  Working in a live project environment gave me the practical work experience I needed in an industry pretty much new to me.

I secured my first project role after DBT in May 2014 at a social media startup  and have recently secured another role as a Project Analyst at a leading UK retailer.  The experience gained from DBT has been invaluable in securing both roles.

This is to say a big thank you to Keji and the entire team at DBT for the support and opportunities given to acquire much needed experience.




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