March 2015: Candidate Secures A Project Planner Role With British Council


Hi Keji, I trust you are well and doing great. First I’d like to thank you for your visionary & entrepreneurial drive that is helping many find their own path.

My story is that I registered for career insight project training in July of 2012 but could not make it for the weekends, so I came to your DBT office within the week. That gave me the sound practical experience I needed. Because of my interest & plans for the academics I decided to do a Masters degree in project management, the practical experience was also very useful as it gave me the necessary perspective . Now I just got a Job with the British Council as a project planner & Management Officer. Just want to say thank you and pls keep up the great work.

I will make out time to contact you at your office or training time when I know you will be there, just to say thank you. I will also be available to support the great work by offering some of the lessons learnt in the process of just search.

Many thanks
I would
Appreciate it if you could keep the details private as the job require such.
Pls do let me know when I could pop in to the office.



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